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LOSV Patches

Line of Sight: Vietnam v1.01 TO v1.03 Patch
This patch will update your game from the version 1.01 to the version 1.03.

Differences between versions 1.01 and 1.03
1. In 1.03 M16 was renamed to CAR15
2. In 1.01 the game refers to a client who failed to connect to the server as DD2 Player. In 1.03 it was changed to LOS Player.
3. They fixed some glitches, added missing properties to objects in game and altered the DM maps slightly (Jungle 123). So players having 1.03 couldn't connect to servers running 1.01 and vice versa.
4. One of the most obvious glitches was the blue objects in the cave DM map on 1.01 that were fixed with the 1.03 patch
Other than that, the games are identical.

Line of Sight: Vietnam v1.01 - v1.03 Patch  [Mirror 1]   Line of Sight: Vietnam v1.01 - v1.03 Patch  [Mirror 2]
Line of Sight: Vietnam v1.01 - v1.03 Patch  [Mirror 3]

Line of Sight: Vietnam versions switch
It enables you to play both versions with only one version of the game installed on your machine.
Follow these steps:

1. Install LOSV101in103 into the main losv files directory (where Vietnam.exe is placed)
2. Shortcut for losv version 1.01 will appear on your desktop and in start menu automatically (Vietnam 1.01), to enter version 1.03 you use the same old shortcut which you were using before. Or you can just create a shortcut to Vietnam.exe which is in the main losv files directory and place it on your desktop or anywhere you like.
LOSV 1.01in1.03 [Mirror 1]
LOSV 1.01in1.03 [Mirror 2]

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