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Interesting and funny facts & features

Line of Sight: Vietnam is a 2003 Vietnam war oriented squad-based first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by nFusion and published by Infogrames and Atari in March 2003 for Microsoft Windows.

Funny Facts
  • You can look at your character from the under water while swimming, but if you look around the map that way yu will notice that grass, weed, treeline and branches from trees dissapers. All that's left is a forest of pointy sticks
  • You can kill a player by shooting at his weapon
  • You can see through the ground using a rifle scope while on prone (you can't kill anyone though)
  • You can actualy kill someone below the tower you are in with a LAW when crouching in 3rd person view i.e. on base deathmatch map
  • You can kill someone by simply aiming at their name which shows in red when you zoom in - you must be aiming exactly at them for the name to appear
  • You can use your m21/svd scope or binocoulars to pick up ammo, etc. that is too far to pick up in an usual way
  • Vietnamese soldiers may sometimes attack you with a knife
  • If you change your posture while reloading the reload animation will repeat
  • Things rain and snow are applied for each character rather than the whole map. So there is a cube of rain and snow that follows you everywhere you go
  • US characters Barry Barden and Damon Tovi have got a tiny grenade hanging in the air below their waist on the back
  • The VC soldiers (the ones in black uniforms) can cowardly run away from a gunfight and go into the treeline. They don't come back
  • Sometimes when a deathmatch ends your game will load something in between the previous and the next map. It looks as if everyone is flying around and you are on some weird map
  • You can crawl under some houses and stand up. This will allow you to shoot anyone who is inside. This works for ome sheds too - you are behind it and no one can see of shoot you but you can see behind it and shoot through
  • Sometimes the lag can result in players "ghosting". This happens when a player takes way too much damage and because of a delay he will not die instantly. This damage is later delivered all at once and the player dies several times in a row after he spawns.
    The ghost is invisible for the rest of the players and when he kills you the game states that you were killed by "some unknown player"
  • "Killed by some unknown player". If your c4 or grenade hits anyone after you disconnected from the server it will still kill him regardless of which team this player is in
  • Hourly messages. When during the day you get notifications like "Lunch time. Don't forget to eat" the developers were much creative with the later hour messages.
    Some of these include: "The witching hour"; "Pulling an all nighter?"; "Does you mom know you're still awake"; "You must love this game!" etc.

  • Clock. Time is shown at the bottom right corner.
  • Mission Based game mode
  • CoopDM game mode
  • You can create maps and missions using free nWorld Editing Tools
  • Autokick/Autoban - game may kick/ban you for a high packetloss, etc.
  • Game saves your frequently used nickname. If you cange you name and later decide to use your favourite one - it will automatically change it once you start typing it
  • Private messages
  • Maps/missions can be slightly modified (server side) and a client will receive these changes even though his map is original (this is not hacking)
  • Each of the 12 original missions has an easter egg
  • 3rd and 1st person view
  • You can't jump in this game. This isn't for bunny hopping fans
  • You can snipe while moving without losing accuracy
  • Melee kills (knife or machete) are awarded by 2 points compared to 1 point by any other weapon
  • You can use LAW/RPG to take out the player who is hiding behind an object like rock
    (he must be on the object or very near it)
  • You can paste the server IP using ctrl+v
  • You can heal yourself and other player (or just him alone) using the same medpack. You have to be close enough in order to do that
  • You can run faster by holding W and A or D buttons at the same time
  • You can save your online game and load it later if all parameters are identical
  • If your oponent's ping is very high you have to shoot him a couple of times and hide. He will die eventually. So you can play with anyone from any part of the world
  • Every map/mission has a maximum view distance (how far ahead you can see). BUT if you simply point your aim/crosshair down then at the top of the screen you will be able to see a bit further. This gives you an advantage in deathmatch
  • Yet, if you shoot someone while they are still further than the maps view distance - that player will not even hear your shot
  • Realistic and Arcade damage modes
  • You can order your AI to: hold/open fire; hold position or follow you and attack your target
  • You can disable fog and grass in order to increase visibilty and vice versa
  • The game becomes very tactical if you enable 3rd person view and play Deathmatch on the maps that support 3rd person (base, missionary, ambush, nigthstalk, swamp, burntforest, village, Jungle 123)
  • Single fire is way more effective than full auto (submachine guns)
  • Server needs a reboot every 30 minutes to avoid lag (ghosting glitch, etc.)
  • Game theoretically supports 32 slot server, but in reality it supports 10-15. It all depends on how good a server and a client connections are.
  • You can move in around 13 different ways: run 2, walk 3, crouch run 2, crouch walk 3, prone 3
  • You can walk without making any noise
  • You can survive a fall from any height as long as you are in prone position but if you fall in the water while in prone - you die
  • You can climb over pretty much anything
  • If you can't hit a player because he is very little exposed - try shooting above or near him
  • In the middle of shoot out it is a good idea to drop the weapon while reloading. That way you will have a chance to survive and the weapon will be already reloaded when you pick it up again
  • When in prone posture, hit the "stand posture" button and choose a weapon at the same time to use the "speed stand up"
  • You cant cook nades, but depending on the time you hold the fire button - throwing distance changes (longer=further). If you throw a nade while running it will go further too
  • You can rapid fire M79 and RPG without it reloading if you hit crouch posture button simultaneously
  • Most of the time shooting at the neck will result in a headshot
  • If the bot locks on you and you can't posibly take a shot - wait till he has to reload
  • When playing deathmach throw a nade at a popular camping spot just in case. Trust me, it is rewarding
  • By clicking the melee and medpack buttons on your keyboard simultaneously you will hear a sound called "rapid knife"
  • You can "fly" around the map when in Spactator mode, but if you click W+SHIFT you will move faster
  • Every weapon has tracers when shooting. US tracers are red and VC - green
  • Objects that were placed into infinity when making a map are spawned into the center when the map loads
  • If you write a message that exceeds the maximum number of symbols allowed and send it, the game crashes
  • Vietnamese and US characters can actually blink and have other facial expressions. US soldiers can also be covered in blood but none of these were applied in game
  • In Mission 11 some of the Vietnamese soldiers are swimming in the river below the cave and can be still shot if you climb on rocks
  • The spawns for team 1 and team 2 in missionary DM map are mixed up and both teams spawn in each others spawn. Yet, this can be easilly fixed and as long as the server host has this fix - the players who join this server will also be fine.

Differences between versions 1.01 and 1.03
1. In 1.03 M16 was renamed to CAR15
2. In 1.01 the game refers to a client who failed to connect to the server as DD2 Player. In 1.03 it was changed to LOS Player.
3. They fixed some glitches and altered the DM maps slightly (Jungle 123). So players having 1.03 couldn't connect to servers running 1.01 and vice versa.
As for the rest, all you need to do to be able to join servers in both versions is to have 1.01 and 1.03 exe in the main game directory.
4. One of the most obvious glitches was the blue objects in the cave DM map on 1.01 that were fixed with the 1.03 patch

Game Modes
1. Stalk and Kill - this is a deathmach or team deathmatch (up to 7 teams). Game comes with 11 original maps.
2. CTF - capture the flag. 3 original maps.
3. Cooperative - playing the single player campaign missions online. 12 original missions.
4. Mission Based - an unique game mode which enables you to play the campaign missions competitively. You can be either on US team or on VC team. US is attacking objectives and VC is defending. This mode can be played with or without bots. 12 campaign missions.
5. Single Player campaign. 12 campaign missions + a separate Tutorial mission.

6. COOPDM - this is not an original game mode and it was developed by losv players. In this mode you are fighting VC (Vietcong) as well as the other players. You can still carry on with mission objectives while kicking someones ass.
No additional installation is required to play this mode.

Game supports up to 10-15 slot servers depending on the connection even though the max value can be set to 32 slots.
You can run a dedicated or a non-dedicated server on your PC. There are many parameters you can adjust including score and time limits, friendly fire on/of, arcade or realistic difficulty (easy, medium or hard - how much damage kills), number of teams, number of enemies (how many times bot will respawn; coop mode only), 3rd Person on/off (if ON you can play the game in both modes), private server (server wont show on the serverlist), etc.
You can also modify the weapons, movespeeds, etc. because the game is easy to mod.
Server host can restart or change the map using commands in addition to the usual admin rights and players can vote to change the map or kick/ban someone.

Server download
Unfortunately, this game doesnt support server download and you have to install maps, missions and mods manually.
However, a client still downloads certain data from the server so maps/missions can be modified in a certain way without causing a mismatch. This means that a client will join the server even though the map/mission is different from the one he has. This is not the same thing as a moded map because everyone will play the identical map.
This feature enables everyone on the server to play the slighly changed map/mission even though it is still the same old map/mission.

Types of objectives
4 types: destroy an object; eliminate a target; obtain an object (i.e. a suitcase or even taking a picture of something); reach a waypoint.

Type "/help" in the main chat to get a full list of available commands.
Some of these commands allows you to message someone privately; kick player from the server either using his player ID or entering his nickname; change your nickname, servername, message of the day while in game, ban the whole IP range and not just a specific IP adress; etc.

There is no voice chat, but you can message people privately, send global messages and team messages. You can also set the maximum number of messages that will appear on your screen (0-6) and ignore someone by using the "/ignore " command or clear all the messages (/clearchatmessages).
There is also an option to switch on a profanity filter (you can add more words to it too).

You can choose from 7 US SOG soldiers and 9 Vietnamese characters. Beware: the stats each of these characters have actually matters. For instance, if the character you choose is only 55% at sniping - it means your sniper rifle will be less accurate and cause less damage than a character which is 95% at sniping. Same goes for knife skills, explosives, submachines, etc.
If the server allows it you can also have 1 bot squad member (AI).

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